Professional Jewelry Brokering

What you need to have?

Often a family jewelry collection can grow over generations or maybe like many of us you have an affinity for gold jewelry. Do you have over 200 grams (approximately 6 ounces or more) or an overflowing jewelry box of gold jewelry just collecting dust? Let the Professional Jewelry Brokers at Providence Diamond make you a Fair and Professional offer! It may be worth more than you think!

What you will receive?

There are many people out there with large amounts of gold jewelry but have no incentive to sell it because they will just get an ordinary quote from a jewelry buyer. We go over each item piece by piece and identify what you have. Our gold buyers can exceed most offers by 30-50%. This is no gimmick, through a very close relationship with our Refiner, we are able to outbid the competition on large collections of Jewelry.

Why Choose our Special Service?

  • We are the first jewelry store in the country to offer this service.
  • Get treated like someone special
  • Get close to "refiner like" prices
  • Everything is done in the privacy of our buying room
  • We have many out of state clients that have driven to us and it was well worth their time.
  • There is no tax on selling your jewelry, it's a great way to create cash flow for you and your loved ones.
  • No appointment necessary, an owner is always on the premises